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1st Place zero build GAMERS8

1st Place zero build GAMERS8


A $2 million prize pot and the biggest international event since the Fortnite World Cup? It might sound intimidating to some, but at Tundra it’s just another day at the office. Gamers8 invited us to Saudi Arabia to prove ourselves on the global stage once more – and that’s exactly what we did.

The No Build tournament was the biggest ever of this game mode, so naturally we delivered a big performance. Pinq started strong, finishing 3rd after the first 6 games on day one and by day two, other players had started to adapt to the ‘no build’ meta and improve their strategies, making the competition much tougher. By the final game of the day, Pinq and his duo Guild Anas were in 5th place, 32 points behind the leaders. They needed to ‘clutch’ the final match by placing in the top positions and getting all the eliminations they could muster. It was time for Pinq and Anas to deliver a championship performance and in true Tundra style, they outclassed the field, taking 12 eliminations and a 3rd place finish – enough to secure the No Build trophy and $250,000!

In his post-win interview, Pinq showcased his mental strength and determination, explaining “I just told Anas it doesn’t matter if we’re 6th or 7th, we just get a 10 kill win now and we’ll win, and he said okay let’s do it – and we just did it.” It’s that simple when you’re the best.


The Build tournament had more ups and downs for us, although we showed a lot of promise. Veno and Aqua snagged a Victory Royale on game 3 pushing them up to 4th and ending the day in 8th, leaving them in a strong position for the second day. Pinq and Anas had a slower Day 1 finishing up in 16th. On Day 2, Veno and Aqua suffered a couple of early deaths as players landed at their drop spot and forced fights off spawn. Meanwhile, Pinq and Anas switched things up, choosing to drop in their favoured FNCS spot “The Joneses”. Ultimately they finished the tournament in 17th, with Veno and Aqua taking a respectable 12th.

Overall, we had a great time at Gamers8 Riyadh and grew even stronger as a team. With more international experience under their belt, you can look forward to seeing Pinq and Veno show off their skills at the FNCS Finals on the 13th of August. The dynamic duo Pinq and Anas will return while Veno will play with Queasy, so don’t miss it!