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A New Era

A New Era


It’s a new era. You can tear up all the books on esports history and make paper airplanes out of the leftover pages, because nothing that happened before matters anymore. Now is a new era: the Tundra Era. Most esports organizations can barely come up with a decent logo, let alone a great team, top-level performance across multiple titles and one of the funniest content teams in esports. That’s the Tundra package. 

By breaking onto the Dota 2 and Fortnite scenes over the last two years, we’ve built incredibly strong and successful rosters who know how to take names and bring home titles. We’ve relaunched Tundra and forged an exciting brand that’s scored partnerships with industry leaders from prestige gaming chair brand Noble to UK gaming location powerhouse SideQuest. 

Our FIFA team continues to knock it out of the park, with our Tundra Damian “Damie” Augustyniak winning the 2022 ePremier League under Norwich City FC. Our Fortnite team combines young and ambitious talent with Harry “veno” Pearson recently bringing home the FNCS European Championship with all the laughs Archie King brings with his Fortnite and IRL clubbing streams. As well as keeping our brand fun and casual, Archie is notorious for playing games with Veno and recently beat out many top-level pros to place 31st in the DreamHack Major. 

Last but not least, our Dota 2 team is ranked top 10 globally, boasting a stunning win ratio of 65% —packed with so much top-tier veteran talent it’s embarrassing. With a win at ESL One Fall last year and a top three finish at ESL One Stockholm in May. It’s pretty fair to say the era of Tundra Esports is here, one where we are racking up talent, wins, and fans until it’s just not fair to the other orgs. And there’s only one item on our agenda for the future: Total domination and disruption of the esports scene. Oh and to buy a new trophy case. Otherwise the shelves are likely to break and we’ll get buried in an avalanche of gold and silver. You know how it is.