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Featured Tundra

Do you know what part of the esports ecosystem is absolutely vital? It’s not sponsors, it’s not orgs, it’s not even really players. It’s community. We’d all absolutely smash it at the pro  Takeout-Eating International if it were held tomorrow, but since nobody would tune in, it’s never going to happen. In 2022, we’re taking a community-first approach to esports, and part of that approach means finding partners that can help us reach communities authentically across the UK and Europe. 

One of these partners is SideQuest Gamer’s Hub. With our shared goal of reaching out to gaming communities and building local connections, working with SideQuest as they expand to locations across the country was a no-brainer. Not only do we have access to their bespoke spaces for training and bootcamps, but we’re hoping to fill the calendar with IRL events like watch parties, tournaments, and exclusive streaming events featuring our top talent.  

We have some of the best talent in the game and we’re always picking up more. But if there’s one thing you should understand about us, it’s that it’s not just about the talent. It’s about our partners, our teamwork, and our community. We’re not just Tundra. We’re the #TundraTribe.