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Danny Lopez

Danny Lopez

Featured Tundra

At Tundra, we’ve spent the last few years developing a consistent and unique brand identity. We’re funny (if you disagree, please don’t @ us), we engage our fans, and we entertain esports viewers in every space we enter. But you can’t just pull a brand identity out of a hat (we tried, we just kept getting rabbits.) You need a talented team of smart people, and you need someone at the helm of that team with a vision. For us, that’s 2021 Esports Award nominated, Danny Lopez.

Danny is an esports veteran. He’s been around the block with Astralis, Riot Games, and Fnatic, producing video content with millions of views, and in 2022 he’s been bringing that experience to his role as Tundra’s Director of Marketing and Content. A strong believer in using high-quality video content that can connect fans with personalities, Danny is the mind behind our content production strategy.

It’s easy for welcome videos to feel perfunctory, or to go overboard trying to seem ‘cool’ (how many slow-motion shots of esports players crossing their arms have you seen this week?) Danny’s approach, however, is to fill these videos with a unique sense of off-kilter style, infusing them with the personality of the Tundra brand and the creators we’re bringing on. In Jorhyds’ announcement video, a greeting party (that’s about as truly Scottish as Mel Gibson) pelts her with bagpipe music and footballs. In Archie’s, Harry “veno” Pearson haunts him like a Shakespearian ghost until he agrees to sign to Tundra.

These videos are different and unconventional, but they’re not just weird for the sake of weirdness. They’re funny, memorable, and tell you instantly what kind of organization Tundra is, and what kind of talent we’re bringing on. With us, it’s about building a community, breaking the rules, and being funny while doing it, and, with Danny at the helm of the HMS Tundra, it’s all uphill from here. (Wait, a boat can’t go uphill, can it? Mixed metaphor. You get the point, though, right? Danny Lopez is good at his job, that’s what we’re saying.)