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Herozia Loan Deal Expires

Herozia Loan Deal Expires

FIFA Tundra

Herozia joined us back in December 2020 on loan from Team Vitality. Together with Damie, the two teamed up to compete in the FIFA eClub World Cup and represent Tundra Esports Europe. Unfortunately for Damie and Herozia, the pair finished in 5th place in their division and were unable to qualify for the main event. 

Sadly, Herozia’s loan deal has now expired and he will be returning back home to Team Vitality. We wish Nathan all the best for the future, his time on Tundra Esports will be fondly remembered by all of us here. 

Nathan “Herozia” Gil, Former Tundra Esports FIFA 21 Player: “I have enjoyed my time on loan at Tundra Esports, from the beginning everyone was very friendly and professional. I would like to thank all of the players, staff and fans of Tundra Esports!

Anthony Graham, Tundra Esports General Manager: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nathan for the past 3 months, I wish him nothing but the best for his future. We would also like to thank Team Vitality for the cooperation to make this loan deal possible.”