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The International: Tundra Style

The International: Tundra Style

Creators Dota 2

This is the first time we’ve qualified for The International, so we knew we had to make waves in Singapore. We have spent weeks planning fun content, talent appearances and a FREE watch party and we’re excited to share all of our plans with you: 

First off the bat – we launched a YouTube documentary episode ‘Road to TI’ which followed our DOTA 2 team’s fantastic year, offering a deep-dive into ESL Stockholm where we took a brilliant third place, then to Saudi Arabia for the Riyadh Masters and finally to Texas for PGL Arlington – all building up to the premier DOTA 2 event of the year – The International. 

The documentary showed how the team like to prepare ahead of matches as well as how they spend their downtime together – who knew Skiter was a dab hand at basketball?!

Naturally, we then thought bigger. We already have a brilliant group of content creators, spanning FIFA, Fortnite and Rocket League (more news to come shortly….) but we’ve just realised that we don’t have any DOTA-specific creators on our team. Naturally, we immediately sought to fix that, and so we signed the Crystal Maiden Queen herself, Lara ‘Hoxie’ Schofield. 

Hoxie will be on-ground in Singapore to cheer our boys on, as well as reporting for the Tundra Tribe on our socials and providing some more insight into one of the biggest esports events of the year.

While at TI, we also wanted to find a way to engage with our audience in Singapore as well as all DOTA fans who made the trip but couldn’t secure event tickets. We’ve partnered with Reality Rift – one of the best gaming and esports arenas in the city and which is also one of the most popular meetups for gamers.

Our partnership has secured us a free watch party for the first two days of the group stage which will include activities such as a DOTA 2 tournament, quizzes, giveaways, free beverages, and snacks for all!

Just today, we also released one of our favourite pieces of content this year – TI announcement video. The premise of the story is that somehow our DOTA team are unable to attend and we’ve had to draft in some, um, ‘substitutes’. Our new DOTA lineup was decided by Fortnite creator Archie, newly signed Hoxie and our Director of Marketing and Content Danny Lopez as they decided on a team of bodybuilders to, quite literally, ‘carry’ the games at TI.

Everyone at Tundra Esports is supporting Saksa, 33, Nine, Skiter and Sneyking at TI and we’re all hoping they can bring home a spectacular result. COME ON, TUNDRA!