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Tundra Partners with Adamas Esports

Tundra Partners with Adamas Esports

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At Tundra Esports, performance is our top priority when it comes to our athletes. It is our mission to ensure our teams have the best tools available to them to do their job at the highest level. 

Today, we are excited to announce our official partnership with Adamas Esports. This partnership has been in the making for a while, it has opened the door for Tundra to utilise the world class performance team at Adamas Esports and provide our athletes with the tools to be better, stronger and healthier while competing at the very top. Over the last few months our players have been supported by the team at Adamas in the FIFAe World Cup West Asia Playoffs, ESL One Summer & The International 10 Qualifiers. 

Together with Adamas Esports, we will be bringing you a number of content series dedicated to showcasing the behind the scenes of the program and amplifying the knowledge we learn to help you become a better gamer. 

Anthony Graham, Tundra Esports General Manager:
We are beyond excited to be working together with Adamas Esports. Performance is key to our success and we want to ensure our players have the best support system in place to play at the highest levels.” 

Caleb Cousens, Adamas Esports CEO:
“Tundra Esports is such an ambitious project and we are bringing some of the best practices in esports performance to ensure their FIFA and DOTA2 athletes can perform when it matters.”

About Adamas Esports:
Adamas Esports is an emerging global leader in esports performance. The team specializes in performance coaching, sports psychology, and exercise science, providing professional services to top tier esports organizations across a multitude of competitive titles, including League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. To learn more about Adamas Esports, its services or its methodology, visit