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Tundra Esports welcomes David Dashtoyan as new Head of Business Development

Tundra Esports welcomes David Dashtoyan as new Head of Business Development

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Tundra Esports is excited to welcome David Dashtoyan to the team as our new Head of Business Development. David is a veteran of the esports industry, with an impressive track record of success working for prominent organisations like Gambit Esports,, and Forward Gaming.

As Head of Business Development for Tundra Esports, David will be responsible for leading all commercial and business development operations at Tundra, working on defining the product vision and developing our brand to help Tundra become one of the most engaging esports organisations in the Western hemisphere.

One of the things that makes David such a great fit for Tundra is his passion for esports and his commitment to creating a strong gaming culture. He understands the importance of building a community of fans and supporters around our brand, and he’s excited to work with us to develop new and innovative ways to engage with our fans and players.

David Dashtoyan Tundra Esports new Head of Business Development commented: “I am thrilled to be joining Tundra Esports as their new Head of Business Development. I immediately pledged my allegiance to Tundra right after the Dota 2 roster announcement when I saw that two of the team members – Sneyking and Aui_2000 – also competed for my own team that I founded in New York back in 2018. I travelled to Singapore to cheer for the guys at The International 2022, and the moment they lifted the Aegis of Immortal, I knew I had to become a part of Tundra’s legacy. I look forward to helping drive Tundra’s vision to become a household name for the gaming community.”

Welcome, David!